America's Energy Advantage

Powering Manufacturing.
Fueling Jobs.
Igniting Growth.

Prices Will Rise for U.S. Consumers and American Jobs Will Be Hurt by LNG Exports says Huntsman CEO

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Infographic: Support grows for a thoughtful natural gas policy

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Reuters Op-ed: "The U.S. turnaround in energy has generated 1.7 million new job ... that number should almost double by 2020"

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DOE export decision helps US retain the natural gas advantage that is helping American manufacturing grow jobs & spur investment

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The Impact

Fueling Manufacturing Jobs

America's affordable, abundant natural gas supply is bringing manufacturing jobs back to this country.

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Growing the Economy

The manufacturing renaissance is driving innovation, investment, and American exports.

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Saving American Consumers Money

Affordable natural gas means lower energy costs for American families.

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